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At 2ekeus you will find HPL panels of excellent quality, but much cheaper. We regularly purchase batches of HPL from European manufacturers, with whom we have worked for many years. These HPL panels are of very high quality (see also our reviews). Under the 2ekeus label, we offer them at a competitive price, so that you can do your job even more cheaply! Our 2ekeus HPL interior panels are available from €17.50 per m2 and the HPL exterior panels from €19.50 per m2! (excl. VAT).

All you need to know about HPL

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is also known as laminate or plastic sheet. HPL is made of paper pulp and phenolic resin to which a hard transparent melamine resin top layer is added. The tough and elastic phenolic core makes HPL particularly impact-resistant, while the hard synthetic resin provides great resistance to scratches and abrasion. The material is also resistant to chemicals and heat.

HPL is a widely used material. The plastic has a number of practical properties, which make HPL very popular for all kinds of construction work. The properties of HPL include the following:

• Smooth surface
• Easy to proces
• Easy to clean
• Robust
• Weatherproof
• Heat-resistant
• Low-maintenance
• Resistant to scratches

HPL sheets are suitable for many different applications. They are used both indoors and outdoors and, thanks to a wide range of HPL colours, fit almost anywhere. Whatever your job, if you are looking for a strong and smooth material, HPL is a good choice. The plastic sheets are used for

Fascias and cladding
HPL is a very practical material for finishing gutters and eaves. Unlike wood, HPL sheets require almost no maintenance. In addition, plastic sheets last much longer and are therefore a more sustainable choice. With sustainable building in mind, HPL is increasingly HPL is increasingly being used in new builds and renovations of offices, commercial premises and homes.

Billboards, signs and exhibition stands HPL panels have a smooth and hard surface, which makes them suitable for printing or sticking on. The material can take a beating and is therefore an excellent basis for billboards that last for years. HPL is also used to make signposts and exhibition stands.

Interior finishing and wall covering HPL is available in many different colours, so that you can find the right plate for every interior. Especially in public and frequently used areas, such as shops and offices, the material offers great ease of maintenance. But also in private homes, HPL sheets are regularly used because of the HPL panels are also regularly used in private homes, because of the sleek look and beautiful finish.

Sanitary walls
Because of its extreme durability, moisture resistance and ease of maintenance HPL is often used for sanitary walls. You can think of shower cabins, toilet cubicles and walls in changing rooms.

HPL sheets can easily be sawn to size. Use a circular saw, preferably on a fixed saw table. Choose a saw blade with fine teeth. It is important to saw the sheets individually. If you stack several boards, they may shift, which will cause sawing errors. This can cause sawing errors. Do you want to cut a recess in the HPL sheet? Then use a jigsaw with a steel saw blade and medium tooth size. Make sure that the sheet is cut with the visible side down.

2ekeus can also saw the sheets to size for you for orders of 3 sheets or 10 m2. In this case, we will include the sawing costs directly in the quotation.

You will not be very busy maintaining HPL. Due to the smooth surface, dirt does not get into the material and you can easily clean the panels. It is best to remove surface dirt with a soft cloth and a little water. Did a stubborn stain appear anyway? Then use a soft cloth in combination with a mild (non-abrasive) cleaning agent. Do not use scouring pads. The small scratches they cause make the material dull in colour. Do not use products that contain wax, such as furniture polishes. The layer of wax that remains may discolour or stain the material.

Purchasing HPL sheets is nowadays very easy via online web shops. You choose the right colour and size and receive an offer. At 2ekeus, you will also find the HPL panels at an attractive price!

At 2ekeus.nl we buy HPL panels and batches that the manufacturer cannot use. For example, because the wrong colour or size has been produced. Or because there are minimal deviations, which you often cannot even see. These HPL panels are labelled as ‘B-choice’, but in practice they are indistinguishable from ‘A-choice’.

For more than twelve years, we have been buying up these batches and putting them on the market at extra cost for handymen and (construction) professionals. And in all those years, the quality has constantly improved. Virtually all the boards we receive nowadays look absolutely perfect. Small deviations are only (very) rarely encountered.

Be sure to read our reviews. Our satisfied customers often compliment us on the high quality of our HPL panels via the independent platform Klantenvertellen.

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